Steelman Would Have Supported All Four Extreme Budgets Voted Down in the Senate

Brunner Silent on His Support for Extreme Budget Proposals; Akin Voted to End Medicare As We Know It
Jefferson City, Mo.—After the Senate voted down four extreme Republican budget proposals Wednesday, Sarah Steelman announced today she would have voted for all four extreme proposals that would privatize Medicare and eliminate federal student loans while protecting tax giveaways for Big Oil and multi-millionaires. Steelman's opponents Akin and Brunner have previously supported extreme budget proposals like the Ryan Plan to End Medicare as we know it, but have refused to say how they would have voted in the Senate this week. 
“While John Brunner continues trying to hide his support for these extreme budget proposals, Sarah Steelman remains steadfast in her quest to prove that she would be a loyal vote for the special interests and extremely wealthy if elected to the Senate,” said Caitlin Legacki, Missouri Democratic Party spokeswoman. “Only a big-time politician would ask Missourians to send them to Washington while refusing to say how they'd vote when they get there, but that's exactly what John Brunner's doing. Instead of protecting middle-class families by finding responsible solutions to lowering the national debt, Steelman insists on supporting budget measures that raise taxes on middle class families, eliminate Social Security and Medicare, and gut education funding like Pell Grants while protecting special interests like Big Oil and mega-millionaires. Missourians want a Senator on our side, but with Steelman, Akin and Brunner, we’re looking at just another go-along-get-along rubberstamp for the Washington special interests.”
According to Eli Yokley at PoliticMo: 
"A spokesperson for Steelman said if Steelman were in the Senate, she would have voted in favor of all four budget proposals." [, 5/18/12]
The Lee and Paul budget proposals were so extreme, they received only 17 votes and 16 votes, respectively, with a vast majority of Republicans voting against them. 
Despite attacking others for their votes on these measures, John Brunner’s highly-paid consultants refuse to say how he’d vote on these extreme budget proposals. Brunner previously expressed support for both versions of the Republican Plan to End Medicare as we know it, while Rep. Todd Akin voted twice to pass the same proposal.
  • The Toomey Budget embraces the latest attempt to end Medicare as we know it. Instead of strengthening Medicare, Senator Toomey would replace Medicare’s guaranteed benefits with a voucher system and would increase out-of-pocket costs for seniors by $5,900 per person. [CBO, 3/20/2012; Kaiser Family Foundation, 2/2012]
  • The Toomey Budget would result in huge tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. On top of the $150,000 tax cut that millionaires and billionaires would receive when Toomey makes the Bush Tax Cuts permanent, his budget would result in people who make more than $1 million receiving an additional tax cut of $92,000 a year. Likewise, the Lee Budget would implement a regressive flat tax, resulting in an enormous tax cut for the top 5% of wager earners while raising taxes on everyone else. [CBPP, 5/9/2012; CTJ, 2/19/10]
  • The Paul Budget slashes Social Security benefits. Paul would balance the budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class, cutting Social Security benefits by a whopping 30 percent for Missouri’s seniors. Likewise, the Lee Budget would eliminate Social Security benefits altogether for millions of Americans. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
  • The Paul Budget cuts funding for Pell grants by $6 billion in 2013. This would substantially reduce the value of Pell grants at a time when college costs are increasing, making it harder for tens of thousands of middle class kids to attend college. [DPCC, 5/15/12]
  • The Lee Budget undermines Medicare's guaranteed benefit and would increase out-of-pocket costs for Seniors by replacing Medicare with a premium support system, effectively privatizing the program [DPCC, 5/15/12]